Visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos

We're big fans of the TV show Fixer Upper and never thought we'd actually have a chance to visit, let alone Texas. We took off early to Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, hoping to beat the crowds.


We arrived around noon and were surprised to find the bakery already had a line around the block! They have a store (with Fedex inside!) as well as a large open space with several food trucks and seating.


From "Cowboy Coffee" with secret sauce to crepes, sweets, caramel apples, and grilled cheese sandwiches, everything was hipster. We found the cutest little ice cream truck there:


We were able to meet up with one of my husband's cousins and her family. My husband bought their daughter a mini bunny blanket and her parents a military style baby carrier since they both were part of the army.  My favorite part was the vest had "Mission Critical" embroidered on the front :).


We went inside Magnolia Market after lunch, along with several other visitors. Right inside the front doors was this display below with embroidered racks hanging on the walls. Having recently started embroidery, I thought this was a really creative display:


There was a kitchen mock-up with several accessories for sale. I bought a mini welcome sign from this corner. 


As you walk further in, there's a larger space in the back with an entire structure holding Christmas goodies. From Magnolia paints to magazines, shirts, signs, and other decor, it's kind of amazing how they've developed their own brand.


Immediately when we walked in, it smelled like fall inside. I didn't figure out where the scent came from until someone showed me a candle a little later on. I'm not typically someone who buys candles, but I couldn't help getting this one. Fall is my favorite season and whenever I think of fall, I remember a certain smell. It was the first time I found a candle that had that nostalgic smell of fall. It also looks like this one sells out fairly often. I'll definitely be savoring this candle as long as I can! My husband kind of laughed as I kept smelling the candle on the way back to Austin.