Stitch by Stitch

About a month ago, I wandered by a book called Simply Stitched. I've never tried embroidery before, but the cover and photos inside looked so beautiful, I ended up buying it.

I think on some level, I've always been interested in embroidery, but stayed away because I was worried that I'd be considered "too girly." It was always a bit challenging for me to identify with any one group because some of my interests didn't really pair well in social norms. I loved math and science, but art too. You could find me reading in the library all day, but also soaking in the outdoors and backpacking the next. You could find me under a car with a tools in hand, and another day in heels.  I think it was only as I got older, that I learned to care less about it all. So here's to the first stitches!


For those of you who are looking for an easy way to transfer patterns onto your fabric, I'm trying out Transfer-Eze. You simply scan the book pattern and print directly on the fabric paper. Then you remove the liner from the fabric and stick the tacky side onto your linen. Once you're done, the paper should all dissolve.